Lida was from Colombia. I met her when I was in Madrid.


Is it Japanese food?

The air is soft, and the soil is moist.

You may as well know the truth of the matter.

Don't call them freaks.

Generally speaking, men are physically stronger than women.

Gross national product is a nation's total output of goods and services during a given period of time as measured in monetary value.

Did you tell Seenu about your problems?


He is making every possible effort to pass the examination.

Pedestrian safety is being compromised by people looking at their mobile phones or other devices while crossing the road.

That's a real comfort.

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The baby weighed seven pounds, eight ounces.

I have some rather bad news.

Anderson is the first person I met when I came to Boston.

Did Sedovic come home?

Pontus asked me what he could do for me.

I'd prefer a sandwich.

This isn't Mandarin, it's Shanghainese.

If you run after two hares, you will catch neither.

Have you ever had a baby?

My dream went up in smoke.

He is concerned about the result of the exam.


The national health service was far from adequate.


What drove Randall to kill Ninja?

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We can't do anything at this time.

Today is Saturday.

Aluminium and glass are important materials in civil construction, even though not as important as steel and wood, for instance.

We're having a mild winter.

You told Vaughn to say that, didn't you?


I could talk to him.


Wilmer has experience as a veterinarian.


Why are you pretending you don't know me?


Perseverance is, among other things, necessary for success.

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Jun is a really good teacher, isn't he?

Sir kissed Cristi while John and Alice were looking the other way.

The dentist told me to open my mouth.


I didn't know about the accident.


He sent his old clothes home for his brothers, and sent his family money, too.

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I don't think that Tai will find a girlfriend for himself in the foreseeable future.

While I'm at the dance, my mother will take care of the baby.

That's also irrelevant.

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The reason he was absent was that he had a severe headache.

I watched the sinking ship.

The rangers decided to go to the sailor's rescue.


I didn't know I was supposed to be here at 2:30.

Bert is very resourceful, isn't he?

Miltos is lazy, isn't he?

Should you wish to take my application further, I would be happy to come for interview.

Rob is still confused.

Do what you've been told.

May I share your umbrella?


We'll have to think of someone else.


What's Sheila doing there?


Dan was a serial killer who had murdered at least six people.


I believe you're honest.

Only the assumption that the reader - I better say: the prospective reader, because for the moment there is not the slightest prospect, that my writing could see the lights of publicity, - unless it miraculously left our endangered fortress Europe and brought a hint of the secrets of our loneliness to those outside; - I beg to be allowed to begin anew: only because I anticipate the wish to be told casually about the who and what of the writer, I send some few notes on my own individuum out before these openings, - of course not without the awareness that exactly by doing so I might provoke doubts in the reader, that he is in the right hands, which is to say: if I, from all my being, am the right man for a task to which maybe the heart pulls me more than any qualifying relation in character.

You can't fight City Hall.


I'm feeling claustrophobic.

For better or worse, there is nothing to do but to leave the matter in his hands.

I'm trying to find Park Street.

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My grandfather is so fond of reading that not a day passes in which he doesn't open a book.

You're a lot more beautiful than I remember.

That's rich, coming from you of all people!


I have to give the money back to Ravindran.


I had to tell them about us.


I expected to get an A in biology, but I only got a C.


Turn left at the corner.

Claudia really fooled Olson.

I wish we had made more progress.


Do you want sugar in your coffee?

Ross has a 9-5 office job.

It was a pale, wild, haggard face, in a great cloud of black hair, pressed against the glass.


Did you sleep well?

It tastes really yummy.

This makes me so angry!

I want to get to know Bruno.

Study lends a kind of enchantment to all our surroundings.


I would never hurt her.

Just do what I did when I met Darrell. Tell her she's beautiful.

Let's go back in.

He is famous as an oil king.

They set sail for New York yesterday.

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Why doesn't she look at me anymore?


He saved his friend at the risk of his own life.

I heard she is married with two children.

I really like this one.

This is a nice neighborhood.

The sky has become clear.

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If that's not true about you, it's not true about me.

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I became frightened.

They've taken three shots at it.

I don't feel like talking with Shane today.

You aren't yourself.

The children tried to imitate their teacher.

Thank you all for coming tonight.

The parents in this community have banded together to support their schools, with the end result being notably higher student test scores and graduation rates.


Hillary seemed a little stunned.

Maybe it's time to change my hair and do a makeover.

Mr. Brown has four children.

We hope it's all true.

Ramses II was an Egyptian pharaoh.


It was a pleasure to meet you.

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I'm unlucky.

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Those four words carried not only a lot of complex information, but also the persuasive force of a proverb.

I saw Socorrito and Eva holding hands.

He knows how to advise people.


I have Russian friends.

When the sun of culture sets, the dwarves too look like giants.

Linda plays piano.

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He was wearing a threadbare suit.

It is really one of a kind.

Ask Alex.


It would be stupid to say no.


The only problem is what to do when things go wrong at work, now that I can't bite my nails any more.

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Naoto likes to fix things.

Eli needed help fast.

Our employees are our most valuable assets.


Such a plan will give rise to many problems.

That's not quite right. It's even completely wrong in many cases.

I figured you wouldn't want Belinda to know about this.

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The alert officer perceived a dim shape in the distance.


Elwood has a few friends in Boston.


Clayton seems to be enjoying himself.

Rakhal must've overheard us.

Jaime closed the door quietly.

I can't make him stop.

Since I was sick for a week, I am making every possible effort to catch up.

Why didn't you tell us you knew French?

He went to London to study English.

The living room has a fireplace.

Don't touch my balls.

I thought it was Monday today.

We all live on planet Earth.


We made Nicolette the captain of the team.

If you are up for it, let's go!

Peter is a sociopath.

I know you're writing a book.

I know it's my fault.


We should respond.

I can almost guarantee that Betty won't get here on time.

The problem is just choosing one.

Milk is nasty.

Amanda will die without your help.


Moe agreed with me a hundred per cent.

The robber was never apprehended.

I have something important to tell Oscar.

This would be better than that.

You are too young to travel alone.

My success is largely due to your help.

What do you want to give her?